CONVERTED Trio on barn at Sussex Prairie garden (

Trio on Barn at Sussex Prairie Garden (Three lines crossing: vertical)

Three white painted alloy tubes, counterbalanced, pivoted and mounted on steel frame. Tube length 180 cm. The barn is a great site for The Trio (three lines crossing). Viewed from a distance the three tubes become lines, creating angles as they cross each other and revealing simple geometries. The word geometric has at its root the idea of earth measuring, yet it has come to embrace a more general sense of shape and order. The Trio is moved by the wind and in a similar broad sense is a wind measurer or anemometer. It need not tell the speed or direction yet gives a sense of the great complexity of the wind's unseen fluid force as the three lines move over each other.
The barn has now been converted into the owners' house. The "Trio" was removed in 2017 before the conversion work began.
Trio of similar size around £780 depending on mounting requirements.

Sussex Prairie Garden is open from June to October each year.
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