Moving Air.

Because the wind cannot be seen, it is often ignored unless it is doing something useful or destructive. But it is endlessly fascinating in its own right: the way it reveals itself, animating objects in its path.
Some of my work is decorative or figurative, but the pieces with more linear elements are concerned with shifting geometries, with possibility and probability, with chaos, ambiguity, order and recognition. In light winds, the movement can be quite gentle and the juxtapositions slow to change. In stronger wind, some pieces get frantic and confusing.
I use light alloys, fine stainless bearings and accurate balancing to ensure that the elements of each work can move in very light wind. Some work uses small magnets to bring the linear elements to order when the air is still. Because the constructions are mainly slim they will withstand quite strong wind (like bare branches in winter). They are, however, designed to respond to breezes in semi-sheltered areas where strong airflow is stirred and slowed by the surroundings.
Work that is for sale is priced below the video description.
If you would like buy or to commission a piece and have a special location in mind, please contact me: or telephone 07814179181
I live and work in Ely, Cambridgeshire UK.

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